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Pocket Wise Kids

Pocket Wise Kids

Teaching kids to be money smart, one penny at a time.

Empowering the next generation of financial wizards, starting today.

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Pocket Wise Kids: Empowering The Future Generation With Monetary Knowledge.

We offer your child the best knowledge about the value and strength of money in the financial world.  

In today's dynamic and ever-changing world, the child must uphold the best knowledge to shape their future. Among those, Financial Education For Kids is the mandatory skill that proves fruitful when acquired from an early age. As parents and educators of our children, it is our prime responsibility to make them adaptive to adequate knowledge and efficient tools to make informed financial decisions in the future. 


We at Pocket Wise Kids, with our Financial Literacy For Children, aim to ensure that your kids are skilled at managing money, understanding the basics of saving, the perks of investing, and proper budgeting as a part of their responsible adulthood.

What Is Financial Literacy For Kids?

Financial literacy is all about better understanding and managing money. It is an important aspect that is essential for everyone in their daily life, but it is a mandatory aspect for the well-informed growth of the kids. Money-savvy kids make wiser adult financial decisions. This leads to achieving their goals with ease and securing a financial future. In other words, Financial literacy for kids helps them make smart money choices. It's vital for the life of kids and must be acquired at an early age.

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Value of Savings

Teach children the importance of saving money for future needs and goals. Encourage them to set savings goals and provide opportunities for them to earn and save money.

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Help children understand the concept of budgeting and how to prioritize their spending. Teach them how to make a simple budget, track their expenses, and avoid impulse purchases.

Teaching children and teens about investing, compound interest, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds cultivates a long-term perspective on finances. Introducing teen banking and financial management tools empowers them to take control of their finances for a successful financial future.

investing for teens

Teach children to make informed choices when it comes to spending money. Encourage them to compare prices, read reviews, and consider the long-term value of a purchase.

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Children Financial Literacy: Seeding A Financially Stabilised Tomorrow by Inculpating The Importance Of  Finance For Kids.

Introduction To Money & Expense. 

We teach kids about money and its value to show them it's important. We engage them through our customized game that includes money transactions and allowances. Children’s Financial Education is a great source to explain the workings of finance in the real world. The kids are well nurtured to save money through systematic and balanced purchasing and smart management. 


Inculpating The Spending Plan

We Start teaching kids about money at an early age. It sets the patterns for their future money habits. We teach them to split their money into three parts or 3S: "save," "spend," and "share." In doing so, we engage them in fun activities established to show that money is limited and should be used adequately for different purposes.

Schooling On Making Money From Money

We, as educators, make sure no monetary term is left untouched. In order to do so, We give our students a proper idea of additional ways of using money. We deliver a systematic session on investment, different saving methods, interest rates, insurance, and others. Additionally, we familiarise them with the concept of installments, fines,  and returns to make the best use of their money in adulthood. 

Encouraging The Entrepreneurial Zeal 

Apart from teaching our kids the best use of money, we encourage their participation in exploring simple money-making opportunities. We teach them live examples of contemporary startup ideas and their success stories. Additionally, as part of Financial Education For Kids, to teach them the value of earning money, we engage them with engaging earning sessions like a lemonade stand, selling handmade crafts, performing live shows, etc., to nurture creativity, responsibility, and perseverance in their young minds.

Better Education To Avoid Debt Traps

We take the proper responsibility of teaching the students about the most crucial aspect of money, i.e., falling into debt traps. Additionally, we teach our students about the drawbacks associated with the concept of borrowing monetary aid. The better knowledge of avoiding the financial debt red flag helps the kids not fall into financially degrading traps and assists them in establishing a secure future. 

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Pocket Wise Kids Financial Education For Children:
Equipping them with financial knowledge and skills as an investment toward their successful future.

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